10 Free PC Horror Games That'll Give You Chills! Ready to Get Spooked?

10 Free PC Horror Games That’ll Give You Chills! Ready to Get Spooked?

Fans of scary movies and TV shows may enjoy looking for scary and interesting games to play. But not everyone can afford those well-known scary games. Luckily, there are a lot of free PC scary games to choose from. There are 10 horror PC games that are completely free that will give you the creeps and make you run faster. The world you are about to enter is dark and scary.

What Are Some Cool Free PC Horror Games to Play?

It’s really cool to be able to play free scary games on PC. Nothing costs you anything to get all the stress. So, what are some scary PC games that you can play for free?

  1. “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”:

    • A classic in the horror genre, this game offers a creepy atmosphere and an engaging storyline. You’ll play as a character waking up in a mysterious castle with lost memories. Surviving and unraveling the haunting mysteries of the castle are your challenges.
  2. “Outlast”:

    • This super famous horror games puts you in the shoes of a journalist investigating an isolated psychiatric hospital. You’ll use your video camera to uncover the terrifying truth behind the hospital. Your life depends on your ability to sneak and hide from lurking dangers.
  3. “Slender: The Eight Pages”:

    • An incredibly famous indie horror game, it places you in a dark forest with the task of finding eight pages scattered around. But watch out for the terrifying Slender Man, who follows you as you hunt for those pages.
  4. “Siren: Blood Curse”:

    • This tense horror game draws inspiration from Japanese mythology. You’ll play various characters trapped in a secluded village surrounded by supernatural creatures. Your task is to survive and uncover the horrifying secrets shrouding the village.
  5. “SCP – Containment Breach”:

    • Based on the collaborative “SCP Foundation” project, this game takes you to a secret facility where various strange and dangerous entities are contained. But when there’s a breach, you must find your way out while avoiding threats from the unleashed entities.
  6. “Cry of Fear”:

    • This frightening psychological horror game tells the story of a man trapped in his own nightmare. Along the way out, you’ll face terrifying creatures and have to uncover the truth behind the nightmare.
  7. “Among the Sleep”:

    • Taking a different approach, this game puts you in the shoes of a toddler. If you win the game, you will very happy, like in betslot.
  8. “The Cat Lady”:

    • A unique indie horror games that follows a woman who comes back from death but has to face the darkness within herself and confront a series of killers known as “Parasites.”
  9. “Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare”:

    • A horror game with simple pixelated graphics, yet it’s scary. You’ll enter a strange digital world and encounter various hidden horrifying surprises.
  10. “Eyes – The Horror Games”:

    • As a thief, you enter a haunted house to steal valuables. However, you must escape from scary ghosts and avoid traps lurking in the house.

This is the list of 10 free PC horror games that provide spine-tingling fear. From eerie atmospheres to engaging stories, these games will quench your thirst for horror sensations. Enjoy the tension-filled and adrenaline-pumping journey into this haunting world of horror games and get ready to be spooked in an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget, turn off the lights and prepare yourself to face the frights waiting in these games!