Cotton Boxer Shorts

The Rise of Men’s Cotton Boxer Shorts: The Unlikely Fashion Trend of 2023

What’s Hot in Small Trends This Year: Cotton Boxer Shorts

Even though there are a lot of small trends and fashion themes that change all the time, 2023 has given us a surprising choice for trend of the year: men’s cotton boxer shorts. It’s easy to lose sight of a single iconic item when fashion changes every other week and strange beauty fads appear. But if you’ve been paying attention to TikTok fashion, you know that cotton boxer shorts are the most popular item in style hack videos, outfit logs, and street style photos.

Boxer Shorts: Flexible, crazy, and famous

Boxer shorts like these have become a sign of Y2K style, Zoom waist-up dressing, crossing gender lines, and high fashion. One reason they are so common is that they can be used in many ways. When worn with cropped t-shirts and cowboy boots, they look like boho maxi skirts; when worn with a neatly pressed button-down shirt and Mary-Janes, they look like quiet luxury; and when worn with a knitted vest, oversized jacket, and Adidas Sambas, they add to a sporty All-American look. This look has been seen on famous people like Hailey, Bella, and Kendall.

How a Trend Changed Over Time, From Prada to The Row

Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu designs in 2022 may have been the first to look at men’s knickers in women’s fashion. Men’s boxers with open waistbands became popular because they were a faster and more obvious way to achieve a certain fashion goal. As stylists and influencers wore boxers that showed above their denim waistbands, the style caught on. At the same time, the late-1990s trend of showing thongs made a quiet return.

Making the Cotton Boxer Shorts Better

Surprisingly, The Row was the group that not only made the cotton boxer acceptable but also made it cool. A model in their pre-fall collection wearing a fitted jacket, a white button-down shirt, and simple white cotton boxer shorts messed up the story that was supposed to be told. When autumn 2023 fashion shows came around, boxers finally had their time. At Bottega Veneta, a model wore white cotton boxers with a button-down shirt that matched and thick leather socks. In Marc Jacobs’s show, which was based on the 1980s, a model wore thin knit boxers with a silk blouse and black cut-off sheer tights.

A Statement That Goes Beyond Fashion

But are cotton boxers just cotton boxer shorts with a stretchy waist? Both yes and no. Clothes are more than just cloth; they send a message. Putting on men’s boxers is a subtle way to protest patriarchy. It means accepting comfort and keeping cool when things are crazy around you. It means you don’t take yourself too seriously—have fun with it! Most importantly, wearing men’s boxers means you like looking cool, since they look good on almost everyone. Who knew athletes could talk so much? Welcome to the 2023 trend that no one saw coming.